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Mazatlan Historic Center, The Bridge That Takes To New Mazatlan Real Estate.
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Mazatlan is a city rich in traditions and History, It was founded in 1531, and its name come from the nahuatl and means land of deer, Originally the main industry was agriculture, fishing and hunting, within the years and because of  its natural beauty and friendly people it changes to tourism industry and known as the Pacific Pearl.

Its territorial extension is about 5 thousand sq. kilometers, and is located 21 kilometers from the cancer tropic. In 1847 to 1871 many countries try to concord the port but it was bravely defended. At the beginning of that century they started building one of the oldest building in centro histórico, San José chapel, they started in1835 and finish by 1842. Cathedral in 1856 to 1875.

Commercial Fishing has remained one of the main activities in Mazatlan and represents a very high percentage of the total income in the state. Along the years Mazatlan has grown and become a very important tourist destination for Mexicans, Americans and Canadians. But Mazatlecos are very proud people, and don’t forget their roots, all the opposite; an important group of business men are working very hard to rescue what the Historical Center was in the past years, in those golden years when the great grand parents came also looking into new opportunities, some of them with products to sell, some others with gold to do business and some others with nothing more than a dream. Those years mean a lot of work, a lot passion, so Mazatlecos won’t forget that; Centro Histórico is a tribute for them, the successful business men, the famous artists, and the anonymous people that by living ordinary lives made Mazatlan into what it is now, Home of good people.

 of all the tourist beach centers that are in the Mexican Republic, Mazatlán is the only one, in which the visitors will have the opportunity to take a walk by the narrow alleys and meander streets in which they will be able to admire beautiful and majestic buildings that give faith and show the grandeur of other times and original splendor.

Having people from England, France, Spain, China, and Americans living and working in Mazatlan, it was a big European influence in the architecture: Neo classic, Eclectic and Baroque.

Centro Histórico is a bridge that connects the glorious past with the promising new Mazatlan that has brought together a whole world of opportunities, especially talking about the new luxury Mazatlan real estate in the new marina. It has opened a door full of choices for those ones looking for best value, new Hotels and commercial malls, restaurants, bars, convention center, schools have opened in this area, so the infrastructure is well planed and solid; what that means is that the properties and condominium projects have an incredible value. And now is a good time to invest, when a new growing area begin you can find the best deals; some of the projects have special programs with pre-cons prices.

Marina Costa Bonita is the newest project of the Costa Bonita group, and it is a real jewel, it was beautiful design in the Historical center Architecture style, and has the most beautiful landscape, first class amenities and facilities and it is the only Marina condos project that is across the street form the beach. They are a very solid company so they can offer to the community only the best.

Old Mazatlan and new Mazatlan constitutes a City with the best of both worlds, and it is what makes it, Unique.




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